Peace Of Mind

Like many, I love the outdoors! Being in the mountains, hiking, swimming, but most of all fishing! 

Sitting by the water with a hook in the water, takes away all my stress and worries. I just focus on catching anything that will bite, hopfully the big ones! 

My family and I went to my dads for a visit and it is a tradition to go fishing together at least once, so acourse we went. What made this trip special though, was it was my daughter first time! Now she is only two, so she is still learning, but man watchung her throw the line out and bring it back in, was pretty fun! 

We went to a pay lake, because the lake by my dads house hadn’t been filled yet, the water was clean, there was a great little flat area that worked for A (my daughter), they had great food and you don’t have to get a fishing licenses, which worked great, since we are from out of state, and you really can’t beat the veiws! 
If you are ever in Pikeville, KY and you love to fish, Fishy Business is the place to go!

Oh, it was a great day! A got her first fish, a little bluegill! She was so excited, alittle confused on what to do next, and then gave it a good luck kiss before we put him back! 


If I could Visit Heaven



I often sit and wonder what Heaven is like. I wonder what my maw maw is doing, if my paw is giving God a heard time, and if my first dog Oreo gets as many treats as he can handle. I went to visit the family cemeteries while visiting my dad this week, and they had this bench (the one in the photo), which got me to thinking.

If I could visit heaven, how would I spend the day?

I would start off the day with thanking God for giving me the chance to visit.

I would find my paw and tell him that no matter how much he picked on me, I still loved him and I was sorry I couldn’t be there in his final days.

I would then find Oreo, and give him treat after treat. Maybe take him to the park to play, if they have one there. I would let him know how he was one good dog, and after all these years I still think of him often and love him very much!

I would end the trip with finding my maw maw. I would just sit and talk and listen to her tell me all about heaven. I would let her know that I the day she went to be with God was the day a big piece of my heart went to, but she probably already knows. I would thank her for being an amazing maw maw to me, and for all the letters she sent me before she passed. but most of all I would wrap my arms around her neck and not let go.

I would make sure to thank God again before leaving. Then I would tell them all I would see them again. I would get a few more hugs, and be on my way.

How would you spend the day, if you could visit Heaven for the day?

White Cheesy Bacon Potatoes

Funny story, my husband and I never have Easter dinner. Well not in the last 3 years anyways. So around midnight last night when my husband told me he wanted to have Easter dinner, I started laughing. Here we are the night before and you are just telling me you want it have Easter dinner? Wow! I hope the Easter bunny can poop you a ham!No seriously I was like WTF???

Anyways so I got to thinking, and thought, well ham comes from a pig, and so does bacon, I have bacon! So off I went to come up with something with what I had.

Unfortunately I forgot to take photos, but it was defiantly yummy!

White Cheesy Bacon Potatoes!

8 whole white potatoes, peeled

2 cups mozzarella cheese

1 lb bacon, cooked and crumbled

1/2 cup milk

1/2 stick real butter, melted

salt an pepper to taste

Boil potatoes, for about 10 to 15 minutes, until a fork sticks in them easily. Drain from water, and mash to your liking ( I like to mash by hand, so I have chunky potatoes).

Mix in cheese while potatoes are hot, too make sure it melts. Then mix in milk, butter and bacon.

Serve hot and ENJOY!

What’s on today’s Menu?

Another day cook amazing recipes!


Fresh Garden Pizza! Seriously you can not get any healthier yet delicious as this lunch item! So easy to make, light and filling!


For dinner I served Italian Balsamic Chicken laid on rice and toped with veggies!

4.gifAmazing, Easy As Pie Applesauce Cake!!

For full recipes go to:

Love and God Bless


Surprise Road Trip!

What’s better then waking up after sleeping a full eight hours? Waking up after a full eight hours, and being told to get in the car for a surprise road trip! That’s right David took us to the zoo!

Of course we had to see the seals, then it was off to see the lions and tigers, then mokeys and gorillas!

We finally made our way to my favorite, the elephants! Then it was off to the see some very tall giraffes!

After we seen most the animals, it was starting to heat up, and we all know that calls for water play time! So we hiked about 2 miles to the gardens where we played in the water too cool off.

It was a blast, and we had some much needed family time!
Love and God bless



I have thought about the photo of the week challenge ALOT. What makes me feel secure? What makes me insecure? Why can’t I think of at least one thing? So many question filled my mind and I couldn’t answer any of them.

So I did what I do, I took a bit of time to clear my mind and listen to my heart. I then once again asked myself “What makes me feel secure?”.

My answer is: my faith in God, my marriage, and just being myself.

I feel secure in my faith. I know God has a plan for me, and I know that no matter what I’m doing if I take a moment to listen, he will lead me in the right direction.


(Little White Chapel in Dollywood, in Gatlinburg, TN)

I feel secure when I am with my husband. He may drive my crazy, but I know this man will always have my back.

 Unless there is a snake around, then I’m screwed.

(He actually pushed me in front of a snake on our way back to the car on our wedding day.)


I also feel secure with who I am. Yea of course I have my moments when those insecurities slip in and take over and that is always a struggle, but I have been through so much, I have overcame things I never thought I would, and I have made it. I have became an independent, strong, emotionally stable person.

Love and God Bless

Love Hate Relationship

Who else loves the kitchen? I know yall are out there! The ones who love cooking, baking, and maybe even mixing some drinks! The kitchen is your safe place, the place where your soul is happy, you are at peace, not thinking of anything, and you are just in your own little world! This is my happy time, my happy place.

Unfortunately it has had its effects on me as well, between baking goodies, and being lazy, I have put on a few more pound then I’d like.

Want to know the great thing about a kitchen though? You can make unhealthy, fatty foods, OR you can make the most yummiest of healthy foods!  So that is what I am doing! I’m focusing on healthy eating, and making sure my plate is full of colors, while it still taste amazing!


This is ‘Crabby’ Quiche, OMG do you want to taste heaven??? This is it! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, its great for anytime!


Carrot cake anyone? Its healthy, I promise! It looks amazing and taste even better!

Do you want to try amazing Carrot Cake Bars? Check out Felicia Newell’s Ebook Everyday Cooking for Health – Low Glycemic Index COOKBOOK!

Seriously you won’t regret it!

Love and God Bless


New Love!


Who doesn’t love food?!? I mean really, now matter if you are eating healthy foods, comfort foods, snacks, candies, ice cream, it doesn’t matter everyone loves food! 

So I was presented an opportunity I knew I couldn’t pass up,  and let me just say im so glad I did this! 

Felicia Newell, Author and Nutritionist, gave a hand full of ladies from No Excuse Moms the opportunity to have our photos published in her new cook book! I had never really photographed food before, but thought hey why not try it out see what happens. Turns out I AM IN LOVE! 

Not only does food not act crazy, its not picky, it just sits there as you move it how you want it, and then you get to eat it!!! Eating it may be the best part though. I seriously can not thank Felicia enough for bringing this into my life! 

Love and God Bless


*Stay tuned for an update on when her book is finished and how to purchase it!*

About Me!

My first post!!! Say what?!? Well I guess I will start with telling you about my self! Oh where to start? Well I was born in Logan, WV, and raised in North Carolina. I joined the Army Reserves at 17 (two months before my 18th birthday), and spent six years with them! I meet my husband and oldest daughter in 2013 ( YES! That’s right I am a bonus momma!). My husband and I got married and had our youngest baby girl in 2014 and have been figuring out our crazy life together ever since! My hobbies are photography, working out, hiking, and SLEEPING!!! Oh how I do love my sleep!

I am a No Excuse Mom Local Leader, and love being apart of such an amazing organization!

My dream is to one day live on a farm, and raise/grow my own food! I grew up around farms and now that I live in the city I am dying to get back to the country!

Well I am not sure what else to tell you about myself, so I am going to leave it at that! I love answer question though, so let me know what you want to know about, and what you would like me to talk about!


Love and God Bless,