Peace Of Mind

Like many, I love the outdoors! Being in the mountains, hiking, swimming, but most of all fishing! 

Sitting by the water with a hook in the water, takes away all my stress and worries. I just focus on catching anything that will bite, hopfully the big ones! 

My family and I went to my dads for a visit and it is a tradition to go fishing together at least once, so acourse we went. What made this trip special though, was it was my daughter first time! Now she is only two, so she is still learning, but man watchung her throw the line out and bring it back in, was pretty fun! 

We went to a pay lake, because the lake by my dads house hadn’t been filled yet, the water was clean, there was a great little flat area that worked for A (my daughter), they had great food and you don’t have to get a fishing licenses, which worked great, since we are from out of state, and you really can’t beat the veiws! 
If you are ever in Pikeville, KY and you love to fish, Fishy Business is the place to go!

Oh, it was a great day! A got her first fish, a little bluegill! She was so excited, alittle confused on what to do next, and then gave it a good luck kiss before we put him back! 


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