If I could Visit Heaven



I often sit and wonder what Heaven is like. I wonder what my maw maw is doing, if my paw is giving God a heard time, and if my first dog Oreo gets as many treats as he can handle. I went to visit the family cemeteries while visiting my dad this week, and they had this bench (the one in the photo), which got me to thinking.

If I could visit heaven, how would I spend the day?

I would start off the day with thanking God for giving me the chance to visit.

I would find my paw and tell him that no matter how much he picked on me, I still loved him and I was sorry I couldn’t be there in his final days.

I would then find Oreo, and give him treat after treat. Maybe take him to the park to play, if they have one there. I would let him know how he was one good dog, and after all these years I still think of him often and love him very much!

I would end the trip with finding my maw maw. I would just sit and talk and listen to her tell me all about heaven. I would let her know that I the day she went to be with God was the day a big piece of my heart went to, but she probably already knows. I would thank her for being an amazing maw maw to me, and for all the letters she sent me before she passed. but most of all I would wrap my arms around her neck and not let go.

I would make sure to thank God again before leaving. Then I would tell them all I would see them again. I would get a few more hugs, and be on my way.

How would you spend the day, if you could visit Heaven for the day?


One thought on “If I could Visit Heaven

  1. Just read your post on If I could visit heaven….it was so very touching, brought tears to my eyes…I wasn’t with your maw maw in her finally days but when she was able she made her eye appts….I would ask her about you, Felicia and even your mom…. Your maw maw always spoke of you three with love and pride….I was with your paw, right up to his last breath….just like your maw maw he spoke of all his children and grandchildren with love and pride….Nathan, Joe, Felicia, TJ and you, my beautiful hearted Kirstie…..the five of you gave him so many wonderful memories and he spoke of them often…. Your paw understood that life changes and people drift apart….but he still loved you dearly. Maybe we should all have this understanding….life changes, people grow up and drift apart but thru our memories and by our hearts we still love each other….. Aunt Sherri🙏🏻❤️


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