I have thought about the photo of the week challenge ALOT. What makes me feel secure? What makes me insecure? Why can’t I think of at least one thing? So many question filled my mind and I couldn’t answer any of them.

So I did what I do, I took a bit of time to clear my mind and listen to my heart. I then once again asked myself “What makes me feel secure?”.

My answer is: my faith in God, my marriage, and just being myself.

I feel secure in my faith. I know God has a plan for me, and I know that no matter what I’m doing if I take a moment to listen, he will lead me in the right direction.


(Little White Chapel in Dollywood, in Gatlinburg, TN)

I feel secure when I am with my husband. He may drive my crazy, but I know this man will always have my back.

 Unless there is a snake around, then I’m screwed.

(He actually pushed me in front of a snake on our way back to the car on our wedding day.)


I also feel secure with who I am. Yea of course I have my moments when those insecurities slip in and take over and that is always a struggle, but I have been through so much, I have overcame things I never thought I would, and I have made it. I have became an independent, strong, emotionally stable person.

Love and God Bless

6 thoughts on “Security!

  1. We all have our moments of insecurities, fear, sadness, hate, and even regret for the thing me did or didn’t do. Just because we always wear a smile doesn’t mean we are on top of the world at all times…. The fact is its all aperture of being human but being at your lowest doesn’t have to define who you are….be sad, hate, get angry, find a corner and cry it out but don’t stay there….once who’ve deal with the bad shake it off, pick yourself up and try again!!!

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    1. You are absolutely correct! We can not dwell in those moments, we must move past it and continue to live to the fullest and learn from those moments.


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