New Love!


Who doesn’t love food?!? I mean really, now matter if you are eating healthy foods, comfort foods, snacks, candies, ice cream, it doesn’t matter everyone loves food! 

So I was presented an opportunity I knew I couldn’t pass up,  and let me just say im so glad I did this! 

Felicia Newell, Author and Nutritionist, gave a hand full of ladies from No Excuse Moms the opportunity to have our photos published in her new cook book! I had never really photographed food before, but thought hey why not try it out see what happens. Turns out I AM IN LOVE! 

Not only does food not act crazy, its not picky, it just sits there as you move it how you want it, and then you get to eat it!!! Eating it may be the best part though. I seriously can not thank Felicia enough for bringing this into my life! 

Love and God Bless


*Stay tuned for an update on when her book is finished and how to purchase it!*


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