Love Hate Relationship

Who else loves the kitchen? I know yall are out there! The ones who love cooking, baking, and maybe even mixing some drinks! The kitchen is your safe place, the place where your soul is happy, you are at peace, not thinking of anything, and you are just in your own little world! This is my happy time, my happy place.

Unfortunately it has had its effects on me as well, between baking goodies, and being lazy, I have put on a few more pound then I’d like.

Want to know the great thing about a kitchen though? You can make unhealthy, fatty foods, OR you can make the most yummiest of healthy foods!  So that is what I am doing! I’m focusing on healthy eating, and making sure my plate is full of colors, while it still taste amazing!


This is ‘Crabby’ Quiche, OMG do you want to taste heaven??? This is it! Breakfast, lunch, dinner, its great for anytime!


Carrot cake anyone? Its healthy, I promise! It looks amazing and taste even better!

Do you want to try amazing Carrot Cake Bars? Check out Felicia Newell’s Ebook Everyday Cooking for Health – Low Glycemic Index COOKBOOK!

Seriously you won’t regret it!

Love and God Bless



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